Raw Eggs (2006)

11 October 2006 | Por | Categorías: 00's, Antípodas, Discos

If we think about records, it would be necessary to locate the compilation records in an opposed end to those rare records which are commercialised sometimes. No matter how much we apostatise the first ones, nobody can say that there is no reason to be thankful for these economic records which have presented multitude of groups, which, other way, we had not been able to chose what record to buy. The second ones, the rare records, they are those that are bought when the disease of music has taken complete control of us and the official record production no longer are sufficient to satiate our appetite.

Raw Eggs, last record novelty from the new zealand The Bats, it is one of those rare records which is able to satiate our appetite, and in addition, it offers new flavours. It has been initially conceived as a Cd-R that was sold in limited edition during the American tour of their last record; At The National Grid, now it comes to our hands thanks to a new restricted reedition of 100 units in charge of the Scottish label Egg Records.

The record is obviously destined to fans of the band, it contains almost one twenty of themes, the totality of At The National Grid and five unpublished ones. As far as the themes which are not known at the moment, Don’ t You Rise and You Don’ t Belong, these are themes dated in 1998 and they would not been out of place at all in any of the official records of the band, including their last record. Among the other three new songs (which have been probably discarded from At the National Grid sessions), I must emphasize Face Inside The sun and Rehash, the first one because of the its incomprehensible exclusion, one of the best compositions of the Bats in the last years, whereas Rehash, sung by the fragile Kaye Woodward, it is a wonderful piece and it would have been better to include it in a record of past times like Fear of God, since a long time ago the band left the rhythm that marks the time in this theme. Finally, That’s Now You’ll Find Me gives vocal protagonism to Kaye again, together with Robert Scott. To sum up, five unpublished themes that justify to buy the record Raw Eggs.

But the interpretations of the thirteen songs from At The National Grid are those that, without reduction of the rest, confer more value to this disc. And, even though the last work of the band has been unanimously acclaimed by the critic, we find a record that disturbs because of not offering the typical musical formula of The Bats, this is a more restrained record, perhaps mature and accommodated. So it is useful to listen to the songs of the record in the versions that this Raw Eggs offers. Independently of the sound of the record, with a high quality but devoid of a good production, we can contemplate a first more authentic and primitive vision of the songs, which will grow after the listening, to get its definitive version. This Cd-R will help to those who welcomed At The National Grid with lukewarmness in appreciating the record, whereas it is possible that other ones can appreciate the freshness that is transmitted by the first versions that we have been able to listen here.

It is a pity that we cannot buy records like this more often, although, it would be possible to wonder how many bands are able to offer records like this, which result to be really interesting. At the moment, you can buy Raw Eggs in the web of Egg Records.

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  1. Pues pinta muy bien, Manuel. Sobre todo porque At the national grid es un gran disco en el que tampoco se echaba de menos mucha frecura. Así que esto tiene que ser increíble por como lo cuentas…

  2. A mí me encanta el concepto de “vamos a tocar la canción de tirón”, y las tomas de “At The National Grid” son así, creo que tienen un gancho enorme. Sin olvidar los dignísimos inéditos.

    Ya sabes que cuelgo todo lo que comento, así que estate atento por si no quieres gastar el dinero en un disco en formato Cd-R.


    P.D. Lo que teníamos pendiente salió el pasado Sábado, después de que por fín pudiera acercarme a correos. Es lo que tiene vivir en un pueblo, la oficina postal solo abre por las mañanas, cuando uno suele estar en el trabajo 🙂

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