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Play    1. Girl Stands Up To Me ...
Play    2. Cappuccino Bar
Play    3. My Career As A Homewr...
Play    4. She Doesn't Laugh At ...
Play    5. When She Kisses Me
Play    6. They're Not Tryin' On...
Play    7. At Night
Play    8. When I Say Wife
Play    9. 1963
Play    10. Monologue About Berm...
Play    11. Our Swingin' Pad
Play    12. Just For Fun
Play    13. I Wanna Sleep in You...
Play    14. Dance With Me
Play    15. Someone I Care About...
Play    16. Modern World [Altern...
Play    17. Roadrunner [Alternat...

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Having a Party with Jonathan Richman (1991)Play Recursively Random  

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1. Girl Stands Up To Me Now2. Cappuccino Bar3. My Career As A Homewrecker
4. She Doesn't Laugh At My Jokes5. When She Kisses Me6. They're Not Tryin' On The Dance Floor
7. At Night8. When I Say Wife9. 1963
10. Monologue About Bermuda11. Our Swingin' Pad12. Just For Fun
13. I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms14. Dance With Me15. Someone I Care About [Alternative Version]
16. Modern World [Alternative Version]17. Roadrunner [Alternative Version]