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Play    1. When I Dance
Play    2. Nineteen In Naples
Play    3. I'm So Confused
Play    4. True Love Is Not Nice
Play    5. Love Me Like I Love
Play    6. Hello From Cupid
Play    7. If She Don't Love Me
Play    8. The Lonely Little Thr...
Play    9. Affection
Play    10. I Can Hear Her Fight...
Play    11. The Night Is Still Y...
Play    12. I Can't Find My Best...

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1. When I Dance2. Nineteen In Naples3. I'm So Confused
4. True Love Is Not Nice5. Love Me Like I Love6. Hello From Cupid
7. If She Don't Love Me8. The Lonely Little Thrift Store9. Affection
10. I Can Hear Her Fighting With Herself11. The Night Is Still Young12. I Can't Find My Best Friend