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Play    1. That Summer Feeling
Play    2. This Kind of Music
Play    3. Neighbors
Play    4. Somebody to Hold Me
Play    5. Those Conga Drums
Play    6. Stop This Car
Play    7. Not Yet Three
Play    8. Give Paris One More C...
Play    9. You're the One for Me
Play    10. When I'm Walking
Play    11. Tag Game

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Jonathan Sings (1983)Play Recursively Random  

Por el momento no hay más información sobre este disco. Muy pronto incluiremos datos de interés sobre el mismo.

1. That Summer Feeling2. This Kind of Music3. Neighbors
4. Somebody to Hold Me5. Those Conga Drums6. Stop This Car
7. Not Yet Three8. Give Paris One More Chance9. You're the One for Me
10. When I'm Walking11. Tag Game