Todas Las Estrellas (2006)

24 September 2006 | Por | Categorías: 00's, 90's, Discos, Grupos, Pop Español

It seems that those things that are yearned are those that take more time in arriving, in this way, and after three years of waiting to get the new job of Parade, I had to wait two exasperating weeks in which I was consumed by impatience until the post employee deigned to bring Todas Las Estrellas to my address.

Perhaps you could think that is no sense getting desperate because of the delay in the arrival of a record, because there are a lot of records waiting to be listened, but What causes that a record of Parade motivates an excitation like this? Simply, Parade (Antonio Galvañ) is an absolutely anomalous phenomenon within the Pop world, compare with vulgar copies of other copies that we have listened. Nowadays we have just accepted with true submission the lack of originality, and even more, it seems normal that a group invoices record after record without worrying to add or to reduce something to the original formula with which they work from their beginnings. So, a record of Parade will always become, independently of the final result, an object heals curiosity, a window to look out and contemplate a familiar landscape that has been changing through the “stations” that the time have provided.

Eight years have past and four different landscapes are offered by Parade from his record birth in 1998. This way, Parade, his debut, was a true revelation for those who wanted to accede to it in a moment when the spanish pop was more dead than alive in the middle of death rattles “noise” and the beginning of “tonti-pop”. Parade shows us an artist completely outside the prevailing musical reality, a compilation of eleven songs of extreme subtlety and minimalist base, histories that go from the oneiric to science Fiction (Antonio Galvañ is very keen on science fiction), an excellent record, but, unfortunately, only a few palates can enjoy with such wonderful delicacy. The following step (obviating the Ep Metaluna) is Consecuencias De Un Mal Uso De La Electricidad, got a brief eminence and popularity of Parade, thanks to a much more complete sound, forceful and to more accessible and kind compositions as Radio, Mi Erizo y Yo or Niño Zombi that do not lose the innocence of the sound of Parade. It will be also the most fantastic among his albums, as regards his letters. In 2003 it appears Inteligencia Artificial and, again we observe a new turn in the sound, and even letters, of Parade. Antonio Galvañ seems be that kind of people who supremely become bored when they do the same song twice, so Inteligencia Artificial will be the record that contains immense pieces like Romance Morlock, true orchestrated melodrama where Antonio will show his devotion by Italian melodic singers, part of the influence of a record with certain ¿Mediterranean? air. So the record has themes that can assign to the most well-known Parade, as Nikel Cromo, Bucle Surf or Corre, Newt, together with stylistic “novelties” in El Informe, Juan Metralla or Llama which are the real heart and charm of a record which was perhaps misunderstood and it no valued in justice, because a lot of his fans were waiting for a new Consecuencias De Un Mal Uso De La Electricidad.

But, if we go on to talk about the two weeks of waiting, at last the postman place in my mailbox Todas Las Estrellas, when I discovered the digpack that contains the disc I find a beautiful illustration in charge of Mario Feal who shows me a familiar figure, Antonio Galvañ with image (real, on the other hand) of teacher who indicates to the sky, home of so many of his dreams. But really, we are interested about music, and it is necessary to look for the surprises that Todas Las Estrellas provides, because there are novelties in this record, the sound of Parade has changes thanks to the profusion of the use of the guitars, finding them in 75% of the songs of the record, an inclusion that oxygenates the sound of the songs, showing a new and beautiful way to dress the songs. But together with the guitars, in this occasion the piano seems to sound purer than ever, perhaps although this is a perception affected by the impact of Flora Rostrobruno, probably the most instructive history composed by Parade until the moment, and also the prettiest and one of saddest songs. Antonio relates in Flora Rostrobruno, and accompanied only by the piano, the tragic history of one witch who will get attached by the child who should have been his victim. An unforgettable song that you will love from the first listening that makes you realize the genius of Parade.

But it is not the only one that causes that effect in the listener, since after the charming prologue of Todas las estrellas, there are a large number of themes that catch you since the first moment, from Cuando Besó a La Cosa del Pantano, with to scenes in the letter and different rhythms that end by giving the grace touch to the song. And ¿Y Usted Qué Sabe Hacer? It gives off infinite tenderness for the protagonist, who has been seen so many times seen in television, that grey man who goes out the work and when he arrives at home he begins to work in a liking that completely absorbs him, the song is impeccably arranged thanks to the guitars and a brilliant work with percussion. Determinista is another great theme, dark and sad, with an oppressive instrumentation with the subject of our story, who is immersed in the solitude, subject treated with a different point of view and humour in El Último Hombre Vivo.

So, with this succession of more or less instantaneous subjects, we could think about the greater lightness of this last record compared with the rest of the record production of Parade, but, it is not the reality, I think this is the same perfectionist artist, nothing seems to be at random in the record, it simply seems to be a record apt for the benefit of more people, although this fact is not tried at all. Also there is a place for small treasures with the style of Miskatonic Universidad, where he rescues those Doo-Wop choirs which were used years ago in Niño Zombi . Or those Beach Boys who appear in the voices of Un Paseo Por Mi Cabeza, theme composes by Paco Tamarit. Each song of Todas las Estrellas has its charm, Estación Espacial with that astronaut not interested at all in leaving his small world outside the atmosphere, Algo Mejor Que Hacer, all of us might have felt identified with this song sometimes, or La Cena del Sr. Lobo and the bitter reality that this song tells about can be empathised as any other theme of the record.

To sum up, in my very modest opinion of declared fan, and after large number of listenings, I think that we are talking about the best work published by Parade until the moment. A perfect record from the first to the last song, and with an Antonio Galvañ who without leaving the hallmark of his musical production, he has re-invented him by fourth time, obtaining a record which together with its predecessors make up a record production with the high level that only a few artists can get and which can be compared without dissimulation with those artists that Antonio admires.

Therefore, Congratulations.

Todas las Estrellas, as the whole record production of Parade is available (low price) in the web of Spicnic.

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  1. […] Las letras, eso sí, siguen siendo impresionantes: poca gente es capaz de encontrar tantas metáforas escondidas a un lobo comiendo carne fresca, a la creencia de que todo está determinado o a la sensación de que crees en algo, pero sólo se manifiesta a otros. Mención especial a la oda en honor de todos los abúlicos (Algo mejor que hacer) o a las personas con raras aficiones, frikis de un mundo que no conocía esa palabra y que nunca les respetó, aunque sí les utilizó para diversión propia. En definitiva, Todas Las Estrellas me convence y me hace disfrutar, pero no me parece mejor que lo que ya había conseguido. Desde que lo escuché, tengo un símil en la cabeza que creo define bastante bien lo que significa para mí. Si Inteligencia Artificial fue el Revolver de Parade, el disco que abría nuevos y estimulantes caminos en el estilo propio, Todas las Estrellas es su Smiley Smile, un gran disco (a ratos enorme) al que le pesa su juguetona dispersión y la pequeña leyenda de maravilla que se había creado en torno a él durante su grabación. Y aún así, es de lo mejor que he escuchado en los últimos tiempos. (Sí, ésta es una de esas reseñas gruñonas y Hay quien no tiene tantas dudas al respecto) […]

  2. Hola Manolo,

    Yo me encuentro en la misma situación que comentas tú al principio de esta reseña… esperando al funcionario de turno, con ansiedad. Después de escuchar las 4 canciones de radio spicnic y después de leer esto, la ansiedad crece y crece. Y si tú dices que es el mejor disco de Parade, pues quién lo va a poner en duda…
    Me encanta tu blog… creo que ya te lo había dicho. Y a ver si nos vemos pronto…

  3. Hola Marco,

    ¡¡Sorpresa!! ¿desde cuándo tienes esa página web?. Cuando llegue a casa me la repaso enterita, cuánta noticia nueva. No sabía nada de ese disco de Raro y Apenino en Foxglobe, voy a probar en Poppolar a ver si hay alguna copia. Y también he tenido noticia por primera vez de El Oso Goloso…..en fin, esta tarde me lo descargo todo y voy escuchando 🙂

    El disco de Parade es sublime y estoy seguro de que te va a gustar tanto como a mí. Espero que tenga el reconocimiento popular que creo le faltó a Inteligencia Artificial.

    El último fin de semana de Octubre lo paso en Santiago, a ver si hay suerte y cenamos juntos, tenemos muchas ganas de veros.

    Un abrazo,

  4. La página web la he acabado la semana pasada, así que está recién estrenada. Y sí, estoy haciendo muchas cosas distintas y preparando ya nuevo disco de Apenino. Del disco de Foxglove yo sólo tengo una copia para mi, pero supongo que aún les quedarán copias. Las canciones son las mismas que están para descargar en la web.
    Nosotros también tenemos ganas de veros, así que a ver si coincidimos, pues.

  5. esto si que es un blog y no el “tenderete” ese que nos hemos montao nosotros. Desde luego da gusto encontrar estas cosas por la red. enhorabuena.

    (en cuanto a lo que comentas del color y repitiendo lo que te respondo “in situ”…esperamos poder cambiar pronto). Saludos.

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  8. […] todo le cuadra, igual que le cuadran también a Parade todas sus obsesiones musicales. Precisamente es el murciano uno de los pocos que ahora mismo pueden entrar en el mismo saco que Joan Miquel Oliver: dos […]

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