1 October 2006 | Por | Categorías: 00's, Grupos

Sunday, cleaning day… the car, the house or, in my case, the blessed computer full of mp3 that would deserve to be erased. Yes, I know that perhaps you, who are reading these lines, are not dedicate to so fashionable tasks on Sunday, but someone has to do the dirty work, and it is my day. And in the middle of this process of computer cleaning I have run into with somebody I had forgotten, Jill Farrar or, Mook.

Many months ago I discovered her, and I promised myself same to get the records of this girl of Sheffield. Failed promise, one of so many ……..but today I will try to remedy this forgetfulness and in a few day I hope to be able to recommend some of her two LP’s; Everything That You Are (2002) and the most recent The Human Race (2003).

Mook is born as the escape valve that Jill Farrar uses to be able to work in those themes which do not find arrangement in the repertoire of her band, The Bedford Incident. So, find the project of a singer-songwriter who moves through delicious acoustic compositions on a smooth electronic base, songs of pure dream and an amazing simplicity that is the perfect support to the silky voice of Jill.

It is announced the publication of The Grand Scheme of things, the third work of Mook, in a few months. Meanwhile, you can listen to the large number of songs of her two present works which are offer (no downloadable) through her Web.

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