You Gotta Give To Get Ep (2005)

2 October 2006 | Por | Categorías: 00's, Formato Pequeño, Pop Nórdico

Before continuing with the habitual publication rate of commentaries, another forgetfulness to correct: Now that El Perro del Mar seems to have spread the new of its proposal thanks to its signing by the British label Memphis Industries (The Go! Team, The Pipettes) it is possible to try to remember. As I commented days ago, the Swedish record label Hybris the one in charge to present the songs of El Perro del Mar, by publishing Look! It’ El Perro del Mar during the last year, compilation of all singles published until the moment by the group and which is basically the same record that the one which was published later by Memphis Industries.

And more unknown, and also with the label Hybris, is the Cdep You Gotta Give To Get which came to light a few months after their debut. The record contains three themes, unpublished all of them until that moment, with the level of the very best of their repertoire. God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get) opens the Ep with reminiscences from 60’s, If Sarah was a more cheerful girl, she would not turn pale compared with collections of songs of the compilations Dream Babes, but it seems that our girl continues betting by a bitter dye in her way of singing. Then, Do The Dog, noticeably repetitive, entertains thanks to an instrumentation obtained on the basis of a continuous line in the rhythmical section which gives the song a certain hypnotic power, the organ and voice will contribute to this fact. The surprise of the record is contained in its ending, Say invites to a timid dance with the best work of the voices in a song of El Perro del Mar, soul theme with choirs and palms. It seems that this girl knows a glimmer of hope for certain optimism which, momentarily, moves her away from its full of sadness world.

You Gotta Give To Get is the perfect complement to the Lp from El Perro del Mar and this is a good opportunity to listen to more material of this Swedish artist while we wait for the continuation (that is delayed already) of Look! It’s El Perro del Mar (or El Perro del Mar, in depends on your edition).

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